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Spread Kindness
Not Covid...


The health and wellbeing of our volunteers and recipient organisations are paramount so, the Good Bitches Baking policy is to be led by our recipient organisations' protocols and needs. We support our volunteers choosing to wear masks for deliveries and other in-person interactions, and will continue to follow the requirements of the Government.

guidelines for GBs.

Please do not bake or drive if you are unwell or are isolating (as defined by current Government guidelines - see 


Please exercise personal judgement and responsibility over your movements and feel free to pause baking or get in touch with your chapter committee if you are at all unsure.

Please let your chapter committee or bitch in charge know if you are rostered on and then become unwell. Please do not swap or transfer your bake with another GB.


We continue to rely on all our volunteers to be kind through:

  • staying home if you’re sick

  • wearing a mask when delivering if required

  • washing your hands and following good food safety practices 

  • only rostering yourself on if you are well 


Good Bitches and Recipients, if you have more questions, please have a chat with your Head Bitch. Everyone else, feel free to contact us at

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