Other ways to help make Aotearoa
the kindest place on earth

What a goal, eh? We need help!

We know not everyone loves the kitchen. The good news is there are lots of ways you can help without baking.. Here is a list of the projects we have on the go. We’re currently looking for volunteers to manage them. If you see something you’d like to help with just click on the project you’re keen on and tell us about yourself!

If you want to join our whanau but don’t see a project you like, let us know what you’re good at, what makes you tick, or how you think you could help us. We’ll pop your details in the Good Bitch Bank, and we’ll be in touch when an opportunity that suits you comes up.


project manager

Help us create, plan and implement a fun, heartfelt Volunteer Week, that celebrates and thanks all our volunteers. You don't have to do it all on your own, but we need someone who can keep track of everything, and make sure everything happens at the right time.

Skills that would come in handy: Project management, communications, creativity, 

Write a 

business continuity plan

We need someone to write a business continuity plan so we can keep spreading kindness no matter what's happening around us.

Skills that would come in handy:  Risk assessment and policy experience, good written communication, Health, safety and security experience

Tell our


Write articles for us to use in our newsletter, on our blog or on social media that tells the stories of our people and our mahi.

Skills that would come in handy: Good written communication, creativity, interview skills



Set us up to get more paid speaking gigs to raise money and spread the kind word

Skills that would come in handy: Planning, promotion, communications, PR, writing

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