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Dementia Canterbury is an important organisation in the community, and so it's fitting that we include a blog about them with September 21 being World Alzheimer's Day.

Alyssa works for Canterbury Dementia, a non-profit organisation that provides support for people with dementia living in the community as well as for their carers. Canterbury Dementia has a wide remit, providing information, access to support, education, and activities enabling a better quality of life for those with dementia and the relatives and friends who take on the carer role. Especially tailored activities include gardening, baking, music, and visits to museums and art galleries.

Canterbury Dementia has been receiving weekly baking from the Good Bitches for several years. They use this baking during support group meetings for dementia carers in North Canterbury, Christchurch, and Ashburton. Alyssa says, “No-one opts for this task, and it can be overwhelming while people work out where to from here; they are thrust into the role, but they do it with such grace.”

“…from the baking they “get a sense they are not alone”.

Alyssa thinks Good Bitches Baking is a wonderful service and enjoys being able to tell the carers someone cares about them enough to make them special home-baking. GB bakers’ notes and messages help staff convey these thoughts to carers, as well as providing a lift for Dementia Canterbury staff. Alyssa says, “A carer’s role can be a lonely one.” GBB gives carers a “boost” with home-baked treats being “such a symbol of love and friendship”. She says carers express amazement that someone would do this for them, and from the baking they “get a sense that they are not alone”.

Alyssa receiving baking from GB Sally

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