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From Grief Comes Hope: Life Matters

Content warning: suicide

Corinda lost her youngest son to suicide when he was twenty. During the hard times before and after her son’s death, Corinda found it difficult to find the support she needed. Over time she found she was not alone in her need. To help others in similar situations she created a mechanism for support; from Corinda’s pain and experience comes Life Matters Hope Centre.

Established in 2018 in Dunedin, the Hope Centre aims to be there at a time of people’s need. It offers trained peer supporters to help those navigating mental health systems, as well as providing general support and advocacy. There’s a Crisis Cafe at the Centre on Thursdays, from early afternoon through until late evening, and the Centre also runs workshops and support groups.

“Everyone lights up when they step through the door. Thank you GBB for bringing such sweetness into our lives.”

Good Bitches Baking linked up with Life Matters over a year ago, when Head Bitch Penny was looking at extending the number of recipient groups in the Dunedin Chapter. GBB baking is now an important contribution to many of Hope Centre’s purposes.

Corinda says when people come to the Centre, “they get a cup of tea and some cake. You don’t get that at hospital. It breaks the ice. For some it’s like going to Grandma’s. Home baking is an extra special touch and shows those coming into the Centre that the community supports them.”

“The Good Bitches bring us baking for our Crisis Café every Thursday and our Bereavement Support Group that happens on the first Tuesday of each month. Everyone lights up when they step through the door. Thank you Good Bitches Baking for bringing such sweetness into our lives.”

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