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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Sally-Ann, Head Bitch of the Christchurch Chapter and Fleur, Head Bitch of our Hamilton Chapter.

GB’s Hamilton and Christchurch Chapter’s have both reached a commendable milestone recently – their 5th year anniversaries!

From humble beginnings back in 2015, the Hamilton Chapter now boasts a committee of five, with seventeen community recipients on board, and almost 200 Good Bitches baking up a storm. Their volunteers provide time, resources and kindness to deliver twenty-nine boxes of sweet goodies in the Hamilton area, each week.

Christchurch’s first delivery was on 20 July 2015 and the first bake went to the Women’s Shelter. Over the past five years, the Christchurch team has grown from five bakers to an incredible 229 bakers, as well as growing from one recipient to a total of 46 recipients. Christchurch delivered approximately 186 boxes during the month of July, an outstanding achievement.

Let’s give a huge shout out to all the current and past Hamilton and Christchurch GB’s who’ve contributed to the Good Bitches Baking mission:

To make Aotearoa New Zealand the kindest place on earth!

These great people have already reached out and brought a bit of sweetness to those in need, and those who will continue to do so.

The Hamilton committee believes that what goes around comes around and plan to show their gratitude. Each GB’s will find a surprise gift when they collect their next boxes. As well as the drivers.

Meanwhile, a hearty thank you for your mahi, Hamilton and Christchurch GB’s, and loads of aroha for being part of a great community. We are all - united by kindness.


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