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Help: Sick Baker

Some weeks ago, I was stricken with the dreaded coronavirus, and forced to cancel several bake and drops.

The guilt I felt at not being able to fulfil my commitments was assuaged both by a very lovely bitch-in-charge, who immediately responded ‘Oh no! Don’t stress, we’re getting a lot of this at the moment but it’s just something to manage as quick as we can! All the best for a quick recovery,’ and the reallocation of my bake and drops to other Good Bitches within a matter of hours.

Over the past year, there has been a proliferation of ‘Urgent,’ ‘Empty slots’ and ‘Can anyone help?’ posts appearing in the GBB Wellington chapter’s Facebook group and on every chapter’s. It has certainly been a challenging time!

However, I do think there is a positive takeaway from this experience as it has also demonstrated the tireless mahi and perseverance of our Good Bitches, who, without fail or complaint, put their hands up and offer to help. They’re truly encapsulating what it means to be a ‘Good Bitch.’

I think the pandemic has served to highlight how Good Bitches Baking is very much a community, a network of people working together to spread kindness throughout Aotearoa. Whether you are a baking bitch, a driving bitch, a bitch-in-charge, a head bitch, a writing bitch, a multi-purpose bitch (gosh that’s a lot of bitches!) – everyone plays an invaluable role in ensuring that provisions continue to be baked and delivered to our worthy recipients.

Keep on bitchin,


A Wellington Baking Bitch as well as a Writing Bitch

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