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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Heartbroken to learn of the tragic loss of lives in Christchurch on Friday 15th March, Good Bitches across Aotearoa rallied together to find a way to send kindness to those directly affected .

We were overwhelmed by the response to the t-shirt we designed, with the very talented Britt from Studio Acht. Since the tees were sent out, people all over the world have been wearing them as a sign of solidarity!

Many people have written to us about the responses wearing these t-shirts have received. Mel told us that she went to a pharmacy, wearing her t-shirt – she said

“the pharmacist, who is Muslim, was overcome with emotion and said ‘I never imagined I would ever see a New Zealander wear a t-shirt with Arabic writing on it. I’m so overwhelmed by the kindness shown to us.’

And I sat in my car and had a wee cry…to have the opportunity to share our kindness without even speaking.


The t-shirts even went international! They were worn and sold at a fundraising gig in New York, and by the New Zealand Ambassador to Ireland at an interfaith ceremony in Dublin.

Through t-shirt sales, together we all managed to raise a smidge over $40,000, and our donation is on its way to the victims and families. We are honoured to have been able to contribute this much.

We had intended to donate the funds to the United for Christchurch Appeal run by the NZ Islamic Information Centre, but by the time we were able to confirm the final amount this fund had closed. We sought advice from the Department of Internal Affairs and decided to donate to the Victims Support fund. Although this fund has had some bad press, we were advised that the Islamic Information Centre had transferred their fund to Victim Support to distribute, and that our donation would managed in the same way. We are confident that the fund is being managed well. Your contribution will form part of the final payment going directly to victims and families this month.

So, a big high-five to you. As well as giving some financial assistance where it’s needed, by wearing the t-shirt you’re spreading the word that Kindness Matters.

And you’re helping us with our mission to make Aotearoa the kindest place on earth.

I just looooove my tee! I wear it all the time, out and about! I've had many comments, positive! I felt stink initially that I was donating but also recieving something out it for myself, but clearly it has helped you girls raise a lot of money for the victims and as I wear my awesome tee, i am promoting a good cause, i actually feel proud that i did it that way!

MP Andrew Falloon helped the Muslim community plant new gardens for their mosque in Ashburton.

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