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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Our recipients are at the heart of what we do at Good Bitches Baking. Our volunteers do the mahi to make our baking donations possible, but we have to give thanks to those working at the recipient groups within our communities. Here is another recipient story that we believe deserves to be shared wider than our GBB community.

Sandy Inwood is the Trust Fundraising and Events Coordinator at the Marlborough Hospice. She has experienced firsthand what a box of baking can mean to a hospice patient. The Marlborough Hospice supports patients who are facing terminal illnesses, the team supports families and patients on this journey, by offering medication, end-of-life or bereavement support.

In the hospice, fresh baking from Good Bitches is left each week in the family room and adds a comforting aspect to help patients and families feel a little more at home. “We leave it in the box so that our families can read the lovely notes and experience the care and comfort for themselves. We could buy baking, but it’s never the same as something made with love. It may not seem like much, but just the fact that someone they don’t know is doing something special for them is amazing”, says Sandy.

Sandy also appreciates Good Bitches Baking for being the ones to have reached out in the first place around two years ago. Since then, every Monday morning a box of baking has been delivered to the Marlborough Hospice.

Sandy commends Good Bitches Baking for acknowledging the importance of kindness. “The kindness and ethos of Good Bitches Baking is even more important given what’s happened this year. You were doing this before it was trendy to be kind. We need to be kind to each other. Kindness is contagious”.

We couldn’t agree more Sandy.

If you are interested in spreading a little kindness, whether through receiving baking or becoming a baker, visit our chapters page here. We are always interested in expanding our GBB community to share more sweetness around Aotearoa.

Malbrough Sounds. This image was taken from the

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