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Updated: May 14, 2021

Our communities are at the heart of everything we do here at Good Bitches Baking and we love to give them the spotlight to show our admiration for the work they do.

Today we are looking into the Mary Potter Community Hospice based on the Kapiti Coast. According to Linda, a facilitator at the hospice, the programme gives free care for those with terminal illnesses, and baking is an integral part of the everyday activities.

“Connecting with food is such an important ritual and such a therapeutic thing to do. There is such a huge difference between a packet of biscuits versus treats that are baked with love,” says Linda.

Part of Linda's role includes facilitating a weekly group programme for people who have life-limiting illnesses, which Linda says “…offers members a regular, safe, comfortable, and non-medical space away from their own four walls,” as well as allowing members the opportunity to connect with people in similar situations.

These group meetings always start with some home baking, which Linda describes as “a lovely way to begin the group”. Linda adds that the personal messages included with the baking are always read out in the meetings.

Prior to signing up with Good Bitches Baking, the hospice relied on volunteers to prepare morning teas in addition to their other duties. GBB’s baking deliveries allowed volunteers to focus on their other tasks and alleviated some of the pressure on these amazing people.

Linda looks back on a recent group meeting that was particularly touching. It was the first time the programme had re-grouped following lockdown and the meeting coincided with Matariki. The baking that was delivered from GBB was Matariki themed, star-shaped cookies with multiple shades of blue icing swirled together and topped with silver decorations that resembled stars in the night sky.

For the group, it was a very symbolic time to regroup during Matariki, aligning with the Māori new year. A time of new beginnings and celebration.

GB baker Claire was ecstatic to hear that her star biscuits had been so well received. The biscuits were made with her children as part of a school holiday project.

From the team at GBB, thank you to Linda and every volunteer at the Mary Potter Community Hospice for allowing us to bring some kindness into your weekly programmes.

Claire's Matariki inspired biscuits.

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