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Everyone has a go-to recipe. A trustworthy classic that they always fall back on when you or someone you know is needing a little pick me up. This week some of our good bitches from the Whangarei chapter were kind enough to share with us their favourite recipes! The Whangarei chapter is taking over the GBB social media this week, so make sure you head over to our Facebook (@GBBaking) and Instagram (@good_bitches_baking) to see what the Whangarei chapter has to share with us.

Here are the Whangarei GB’s favourite recipes!

Yvette Meara - Snickalicious Slice

This is an awesome recipe that’s so easy to make and is always a crowd-pleaser!

Make it for yourself here!

Janet Hall - Chocolate Chip Sante Cookies

These are my favourite classic chocolate chippies

Make it for yourself here!

Stephanie Kane - Fejoa, Ginger and Banana Loaf

This loaf is, hands-down, the best loaf ever in the world. Slice, freeze and then whack in the oven to warm and crisp slightly for a winter treat.

Make it for yourself here!

Cheree Morrison - Chocolate Chip Cookies + Egg-Free Chocolate Cake

These chewy chocolate chip cookies are a dead-ringer for Subway cookies. They’re a very American style biscuit, but extremely yummy.

I also swear by Chelsea Winter’s Egg-Free Chocolate Cake - it’s egg-free and can also be dairy-free, so it’s great for people with allergies or intolerances.

Make it for yourself here!

Bayley - Fudgy Brownies

This is my go-to brownie recipe, it’s delicious! I am also very slowly getting through Cupcake Jemma's cupcakes tutorials on YouTube (she also does other baking) and they are absolutely amazing.

Make it for yourself here!

Jeanine - Ten Minute Tiramisu

I love Gemma from Bigger Bolder Baking. I bought her book last year and it’s my favourite. She is a firm believer anyone can cook and has so many basic recipes simplified, with how to substitute or make some ingredients from scratch. I recommend checking her out; I’ve never had a recipe fail. This is one I really enjoyed and it’s remarkable how easy it was.

Make it for yourself here!

Jeni Brodie - Christmas Jelly Slice

This is my favourite Christmas Jelly slice recipe. If I make it any other time of year I use lemonade & raspberry flavoured jellies.

Make it for yourself here!

Kathrine Rice - Ginger Slice

Here is a really yummy ginger crunch slice.

Make it for yourself here!

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