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Te Hua o te Mahi Tahi I The benefit of working together

National Volunteer Week honours the collective energies and mana of volunteers in Aotearoa. They grow our people, open minds, open hearts and create joy. National Volunteer Week 2020 ran from June 21-27.

Each year our 2500  volunteers support over 100,000 Kiwis having a tough time; we give them a moment of sweetness in an otherwise crappy day, in the form of a homemade treat. But it’s not the baking that makes a difference; it’s knowing that someone cares and there is kindness to be found everywhere.

This Volunteer Week, our theme was Big Kindnesses grow from small seeds. We celebrated our volunteers, by passing on some kindness to brighten their day with the help of our generous sponsors. Little bits of kindness add up to lots of kindness!  

Some of our volunteers told us what kindness means to them. We loved hearing their thoughts and put together a collection of video messages.

Volunteers said; going out of your way to help someone else with no expectations, lift someone’s day,  when you do something kind you get a lift also, the more of us that practice kindness then the more light we can bring, kindness is about connection, kindness realising you have the potential to make someone smile, sticking up for those who might not have people cheering them on, giving to the cause but not for the applause.

A GBB volunteer said “I love knowing that something I enjoy, is giving others joy that truly need it’.

We'd love to hear what kindness means to you. Comment below or share it on social media with the tag #kindnessmatters.

We also had a special thank you video message from Good Bitch Siouxsie Wiles, who shared how much she enjoys baking for others and how grateful she is that we can get back to the kitchen and spread kindness again..

Huge thanks to our volunteers for sowing and passing on kindness every day in our communities and across Aotearoa! Good Bitches Baking wouldn't be able to spread all of the kindness we do without you.

He aroha whakatō, he aroha puti mai.

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