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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

This week is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, a week celebrating Māori language in Aoteroa. Te Reo Māori is such a special and important part of Aotearoa’s identity. Here at GBB, we see so much value in increasing the amount of te reo Māori used in our everyday conversations, during Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori and beyond. Speaking te reo Māori is a way to honour mana whenua of Aotearoa past, present and future.

Here is a glossary of some kindness and baking related te reo Māori words. Try to incorporate them in your everyday conversations this week and beyond. Make sure you are tuned into GBB’s social media, Facebook (@GBBaking), Twitter (@GoodBitchesBake) and Instagram (@good_bitches_baking), as we share more words phrases throughout the week.

Aroha (love)

atawhai (to show kindness, to care for)

e noho rā (goodbye, farewell)

hākoakoa (happiness)

huka (sugar)

hoahoa (be friendly)

hongi (to press noses in greeting)

iwi (tribe)

kai (food)

ka pai (good)

kia ora (to wish good health)

mahi (work or activity)

mana (prestige, reputation)

manaakitanga (showing hospitality, kindess, support to others)

mōrena (good morning)

parāoa (flour)

pata ( butter)

pēkena houra (baking soda)

pēkana paura (baking powder)

puku (belly, stomach)

taonga (treasured possessions)

tauawhi ( to hug, embrace)

tapu (sacred)

tiki (proactive, protective care)

tiramākā (spirit)

whānau (extended family)

whenua (land, homeland)

All words and phrases have been taken from and

Much aroha from the GBB whanau.

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