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Wellington HELP is on the front line, fighting for the victims of sexual violence.

This hardworking organisation supports victims of violence, along with their friends and whānau. They’re also a recipient of Good Bitches Baking deliveries, which is made available for clients.

Joanne Sharpe, fundraising and communications manager, explains what they do as a

“wrap-around service, which helps survivors on their journey to well-being".

“This includes a 24/7 crisis support line, social work and counselling.”

It supports anyone who has encountered sexual abuse or assault “no matter their age, gender or sexual orientation”, she says.

HELP started receiving baking in February 2019, and it's always exciting when the white box arrives, Joanne says.

“It is placed on a little cake stand in our waiting room for clients ... At our Porirua office each of our clients are offered a slice of cake with their cup of tea when they arrive for a session.”

While all baking is gratefully received, individual cakes, slices and biscuits are best as they are easily shared and don’t require plates or forks - which, like all offices, can be in short supply. And gluten free is appreciated as otherwise a large number of the clients can’t partake in the treats.

The clients “adore your baking”, she says.

“It really brightens our day. For some clients it is a treat they could ill afford themselves. And it enriches their experience of therapy and makes them feel valued and invested in.”

If you'd like to learn more about Wellington HELP, please visit their website, or follow then on Facebook @WellingtonHELP or Instagram @wgtnhelp

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