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Our baking?


Our aim is to give a moment of sweetness to people having a tough time, with no judgement or expectation of anything in return. We do this by delivering baking made by our Good Bitches to organisations that support those people. 


We know from feedback that this small act of kindness helps people feel seen and connected to their community, it helps very stretched budgets go a little further, it helps to open difficult conversations and break down barriers, and it provides a moment of respite for people who are in the midst of an awful time.

We have chapters all over the country and our recipient organisations include boarding houses, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, hospital wards, hospices, support and advocacy groups, refuges, and so many more.

does it work?

We have a roster of bakers and drivers who deliver baking based on the organisation's needs and their capacity. Baking is delivered in commercial cardboard cake boxes with a flyer listing ingredients and a message from the baker.

We leave it to you to distribute to the people you support in whatever way works best for you, whether that's in food parcels, over a cup of tea, in a waiting room, on home visits - however it best enables you to reach the people you support

What we

GBB baking is for individuals and whānau having a tough time, distributed via the organisations that work with those people. Our volunteers provide the ingredients themselves so we're a little careful and very respectful about how much we ask of them.


For safety and logistical reasons, we don’t deliver directly to individuals. You will be responsible for distributing the baking to the recipients.

We don’t bake to order, although we do our best to take into consideration halal and other religious or cultural needs or severe allergen requests.


We don’t provide catering/baking for events or fundraisers, or for staff and volunteers.

How do you get our

Does this sound like it would be useful to your organisation? Do you work with people having a tough time, without exclusions or judgement?

Let's chat.


You can find out here if there is a chapter in your area. If there is, click the button below to register your interest and we'll be in touch to discuss.

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