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Our baking?


Our aim is to give a moment of sweetness to people having a tough time. So we deliver baking to places where there are groups of people who need some support. We don’t judge why they are in that situation.

Our recipients include boarding houses, homeless trusts, soup kitchens, food banks, hospital wards, hospices, support groups and refuges. And we're not stopping! In the coming months, we’re taking our bitching to the nation, with chapters popping up all around the country.

does it work?

We have a roster of bakers and drivers and deliver baking each weekend and on a few weekdays (depending on baker availability). Baking is delivered in commercial cardboard cake boxes, and will have a personal note from the baker attached, outlining the ingredients so as to avoid allergic reactions, etc.

How do you get our

If you’d like to help us spread some joy, please contact us  and let us know about your organisation and the people you support.

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