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Our current mission is to make Aotearoa the kindest place on earth. We do that by providing a  moment of sweetness to people having a tough time through the mechanism of baking. We distribute baking via organisations that work with people in difficult circumstances, provided that they give help to all people regardless of religious affiliation or race. All people having a tough time deserve a
bit of kindness. We don’t pass judgement on why they are having a tough time. We deliver baking to those organisations, who distribute  the baking in a way that works best for their clients.

Our model also provides opportunities to be kind.  In our experience, people often want to show they care but don’t know how and our flexible, accessible model of volunteering enables  participation across demographics, financial circumstances, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ability
and skill. Our ‘Cup of Sugar’ programme, which alleviates financial barriers to participation,  supports this accessibility.

In 2020 we released our first Annual Report - to provide transparency about our financials, and to share what we have achieved and progressed throughout the year.


We will continue to report in this way, and you can find all Annual Reports to date on this page.

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