Finding & Using
the bMS

In July 2021, we started the roll out of the Bitch Management System (BMS) to address the phenomenal growth that Good Bitches Baking has experienced over the past few years.
Further information for current volunteers on this system and how to login is below. If you are new to volunteering for Good Bitches Baking, please contact your local chapter here.

As a volunteer, we would like to thank you for your time and commitment to Good Bitches Baking, we are thrilled to have you part of our network of people who want to show kindness to those in your community.

Here are the
support materials

Written instructions for setting your baking and driving preferences are here.

Written instructions for the whole system can be found here.

If a visual guide is more your thing, there is a video for the whole system here and a video for rostering only here.

There is a Frequently Asked Questions page on the BMS site (which does not require a login).

We will also be running live online training / Q&A sessions. They are completely optional and will be really
informal. If you are worried about getting started, our trainers will help get you going. Click the button below to book a training session.

The roll out of the BMS will be staged across Chapter Groups to ensure everyone can get the support they need.

The first 12 chapters (Chapter Group 1) will begin their BMS transition in July. During your Chapter’s month, you will be emailed a link to the new system and to the support materials. 

This will give up to two months (eg. CG1 = July, August) for training to learn and use the system, with the intent to have the first BMS roster in the third month (eg. CG1 = September). 

Chapter Group 2 will start in August, and Chapter Group 3 will start in September.

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When it's time
for your chapter

When it’s time for your chapter to login, the invite will come from

Because this is the first time you have received an email from the system, you may need to look for the email in your Promotions / Spam / Junk folders.

Sign in and update your volunteering preferences. Ideally you will do this when you first login. We’ve preloaded most things, but your preferences for baking and driving will be empty. Setting your baking and driving preferences is the most important step you can take to make this change successful. 

We understand that there are some people that may find this change challenging, so please keep updating your committee (Head Bitch / Roster Bitch) on how you are going. There is lots of support within Chapters and we can arrange as much help as you need.

You can expect us to keep you up to date on this roll out via email - so make sure you keep an eye out.

If you have questions at any point, please direct them to