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Be a good bitch


Making Aotearoa the kindest place on earth is no piece of cake. Over 2,800 Good Bitch volunteers have delivered 1,000,000+ moments of kindness across New Zealand since 2014.  


Countless hours in the kitchen and tonnes of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter have been turned into nearly 85,000 boxes of treats for people having a tough time. We've worked out that each box of baking created and donated by our Good Bitches is worth $92.50, in terms of their time, ingredients, fuel, power and other consumables. 


Donating to our kaupapa, whether it's a one-off or a regular donation, is just one more way to be a Good Bitch and it helps us keep the ovens on and the beaters beating.

How will your donation make a difference?

$5 helps us share a moment of sweetness with about 15 people.

$50 will buy enough boxes for about 75 bakes.

$150 gives us a day of part-time administrative support.

$500 buys 1/5 of the year's supply of ingredients flyers.

$1000 helps us share a moment of sweetness with about 300 people.

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