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What is
Prison Bake?


We strongly believe that kindness is redemptive to everyone involved, and that everyone can benefit from the opportunity to be kind. In fact, these are two of our organisation’s core values.

Altruism, random acts of kindness, and volunteering have been shown to be significant contributors to wellbeing and social-connectedness.

When we considered who could benefit from volunteering but aren’t in a position to volunteer in a conventional way, the concept of Prison Bake was born.

"It was the hope that you gave them [the recipients] that their own tāne could be better. You showed them that there is still goodness. It’s gold."

A trial was run in Rimutaka Prison in 2018 and since then, with the support of the Department of Corrections, Prison Bake has also been expanded to Arohata Prison.


Our aim is for Prison Bake to run in all New Zealand prisons.


We couldn’t run Prison Bake without the support of our partners, including the Department of Corrections and 2019 and 2020 ingredients sponsor Davis Trading.

Where's the 


We don’t make these claims lightly, and we’re committed to backing them up with evidence. 


Following the trial in 2018 a Proof of Concept was completed, bringing together feedback from Good Bitches Baking volunteers, participants and recipients to ensure the Prison Bake programme is effective, fit-for-purpose and supports those who give kindness and those who receive it.

“The best thing was thinking about the recipients. I used to only ever think of myself.”

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